What are the smart security products ?

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Security plays a vital role in smart home equipment. From doors and windows to every aspect of life, there will be unstable factors. We need to use related smart security products to solve these unstable factors. So what products are included in the smart security system?


Smart Security Products

Smart door lock: The door is an important passage for the family to enter and exit, and a door lock is very important to the safety of the entire family. Generally speaking, the first solution to the smart door lock is the unlocking method, and the second is the security, but its security is much higher than that of the traditional door lock. The security enhancement of smart door locks mainly includes real-time feedback of the unlocking, locking, and anti-locking status of the door lock, quick collection of photos, and anti-violent cracking.


Door and window magnetism: Compared with smart door locks, door and window magnetism is also responsible for entrance and exit control. The difference is that these products are active defense devices that can monitor the switch status of door and window magnetism in real time. Receive relevant information via mobile phone.


Infrared detectors: Infrared detectors are similar to door and window magnetism, which belong to the induction category, but the sensing objects and areas are different. Door and window magnetism induction is the separation state of the device itself and is responsible for the safety of a point or surface, while the human body detected by infrared detectors Activities, responsible for a certain space area. In addition, infrared detectors can not only send detected abnormal conditions to the user's mobile phone, but also usually have a local alarm function.


Smart camera: Smart camera is a rare visual device in the entire smart home system, and it is very intuitive in terms of security protection. Through this type of equipment, users can view the situation at home anytime, anywhere. At present, in addition to remote viewing, smart cameras also have functions such as automatic cruise, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, and high-definition playback.


Smart socket: A smart socket is a basic device in a smart home. It acts as a connection between electrical equipment and a power source. It can enhance security in two ways: one is its own safety protection mechanism, which will not cause electric shock to the user; the other is to support remote If there is a problem with the power equipment, the user can cut off the power through the smart phone in time to protect the home appliance.


   Smoke detector: As the name suggests, a smoke detector is used to detect the concentration of smoke. If the concentration exceeds the standard, it will give a local alarm and push information to the user's mobile phone. Some products also have functions such as sensing temperature, humidity, light and noise intensity.


   Combustible gas leak detector: The combustible gas leak detector is mainly used to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the indoor air. It is usually installed in the kitchen to prevent the leakage of combustible gas due to man-made or other reasons.


   Water leak sensor: Judging from the name, this type of product is more like a smart product for water saving, but in fact it can also be used for safety protection, which is sometimes critical. In terms of safety protection, the use scene of this type of product is to detect water leakage and water seepage problems, so as to avoid electric shocks to users due to water and electricity connections.


  These devices protect our personal safety and property safety at all times.


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