850nm vs. 940nm Night Vision Lights -Exploring the Differences

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In the world of home security and surveillance, night vision capabilities are essential. Two common types of infrared (IR) lights used in night vision devices are 850nm and 940nm. Understanding the differences between these two types can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right security solutions for your needs.

1. What are 850nm and 940nm Night Vision Lights?

850nm Night Vision Lights:

  • Visibility: 850nm IR lights emit a faint red glow that is visible to the human eye. This makes them slightly noticeable in complete darkness.
  • Range and Performance: These lights are known for their excellent range and performance. They provide a clear and bright image, making them ideal for long-distance surveillance.
  • Common Uses: 850nm IR lights are commonly used in outdoor surveillance cameras, wildlife monitoring, and various other applications where visibility of the light source is not a concern.

940nm Night Vision Lights:

  • Visibility: 940nm IR lights emit no visible light, making them completely invisible to the human eye. This makes them ideal for covert surveillance applications where the presence of the light source should not be detected.
  • Range and Performance: While the range and brightness of 940nm lights are generally lower compared to 850nm lights, they still provide sufficient illumination for short to medium-range surveillance.
  • Common Uses: 940nm IR lights are increasingly used in home security systems, indoor surveillance, and any application requiring discreet monitoring.

2. Why is 940nm Night Vision Light Increasingly Used in Home Security?

The use of 940nm IR lights in home security systems has grown significantly due to several key advantages:

1. Discreet Monitoring:

940nm IR lights are invisible to the human eye, making them perfect for covert surveillance. This feature ensures that the security system remains undetectable, which can be crucial in deterring and catching intruders without alerting them.

2. Enhanced Privacy:

The lack of visible glow from 940nm lights ensures that the presence of security cameras does not disturb the household or attract unwanted attention. This is particularly beneficial for indoor use, where maintaining the aesthetic and comfort of living spaces is important.

3. Adequate Illumination:

While 940nm lights may not offer the same range as 850nm lights, they still provide ample illumination for typical home security needs. Modern advancements in IR technology have enhanced the effectiveness of 940nm lights, making them more reliable for short to medium-range surveillance.

4. Ideal for Indoor Use:

For indoor security applications, where long-range visibility is less critical, 940nm lights are preferred due to their discreet nature. They provide sufficient illumination to capture clear images within the confines of a room or hallway without being noticed.

3. Introducing Our Advanced Night Vision IR Light

At Eleshine, we have developed a cutting-edge night vision IR light that harnesses the power of 940nm technology. This product is designed to enhance the night vision capabilities of your security cameras, providing clear and reliable footage even in complete darkness.

Key Features:

  • Invisible 940nm LEDs: Equipped with high-power 940nm LEDs, our IR light ensures completely discreet surveillance. There is no visible glow, making it ideal for covert monitoring.
  • Automatic Light Sensor: The built-in light sensor automatically activates the IR light in low-light conditions, ensuring your security system is always ready to capture clear footage.
  • Extended Night Vision: Our IR light extends the night vision range of your cameras up to 6 meters, providing comprehensive coverage of your property.
  • Dual-Functional USB Output: This versatile feature allows the IR light to power your camera and charge other USB-powered devices simultaneously.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for simple integration, our IR light can be easily added to your existing security setup, enhancing its night vision capabilities without the need for complicated wiring or additional equipment.


Choosing the right IR light for your security system can significantly impact its effectiveness. While 850nm lights offer excellent range and performance, the discreet nature of 940nm lights makes them increasingly popular for home security applications. At Eleshine, our advanced night vision IR light combines the best of 940nm technology to provide superior performance and reliability.

Upgrade your security system with our innovative IR light and experience the benefits of enhanced night vision. For more information or to place an order, visit our website or contact our sales team.

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For further information and inquiries, please visit www.cctung.com or reach out to us at djiang@cctung.com. Trust Eleshine to provide the latest advancements in security technology to keep your property safe and secure.


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