Disinfection for mobile phone

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研究发现新冠病毒可以在塑胶或不锈钢的表面,最多存活 72 小时,在纸板、金属可以存活 4 小时。德国研究更发现,在金属、玻璃或塑胶材质上,病毒能够存在 2 小时到 9 天,这也代表人们天天使用的手机若没有正确消毒,可能会成为平时防疫的破口之一。
Disinfection for mobile phone
  而为了协助用户因应疫情,手机大厂苹果在日前也调整自家的清洁建议。原先苹果反对用户使用任何溶剂来清洁 iPhone,只能采用清水和软布擦拭,但目前苹果已正式确认,用户可以使用 70%异丙醇溶液或是 70% 的酒精来消毒 iPhone,消毒范围也包括其他所有的苹果产品。
  此外,苹果也点名美国 CLOROX 高乐氏出品的湿纸巾,也可以使用在 iPhone、iPad 或 Mac。只是苹果仍然提醒用户,想清洁的话,只能使用不起棉屑的软布来擦拭,像毛巾、卫生纸或一些有研磨清洁效果的产品,则不建议使用。另外用户在清洁的时候也要注意别插电,或是让水气渗入开孔,也不要把酒精直接喷到产品上,除了使用量不要太多,也要记得先喷在软布上再擦拭。

  除了苹果,三星和 Google 也公布清洁自家手机产品的方法。三星指出,用户在消毒前,必须先将手机关机,并把连接的线材取下,然后再使用类似单眼相机镜头的擦拭布来清清擦拭。至于建议使用的溶剂,则包括清水、双氧水(50-80ppm)、酒精,还有 70% 的异丙醇。就像苹果一样,三星也不建议用户直接把溶剂喷到产品上来清洁。

  需要注意的是,三星前面所提到的清洁方式,仅适用以玻璃、金属或陶瓷打造的产品,例如 Galaxy 手机、平板或智慧表,一些以塑胶打造的产品,像是电脑键盘,就不建议以这种方式来消毒清洁。

  Google 公布的 Pixel 手机消毒方式,则和三星、苹果大同小异,同样也是建议用户以 70%异丙醇溶液或 70% 酒精来进行消毒,而在消毒之前,也必须先行关机并拔下充电线,再采用不起棉絮的软布擦拭。不过 Google 也提醒使用者,如果手机上有灰尘或其他污渍,要先用干布去除,才能使用溶剂。另外,如果想去除 Pixel 手机背面的污渍,可以稍微使用一点肥皂;Google 也建议用户可以拿眼镜布来清洁 Pixel 手机的萤幕。

(Translated by google translator) The study found that the new coronavirus can survive on plastic or stainless steel for up to 72 hours, and on cardboard and metal for 4 hours. German research has also found that viruses can exist on metal, glass or plastic materials for 2 hours to 9 days. This also means that if the mobile phones people use every day are not properly sterilized, they may become one of the usual breaches of epidemic prevention.
Disinfection for mobile phone
In order to help users cope with the epidemic, Apple, a mobile phone manufacturer, has also adjusted its own cleaning recommendations a few days ago. Apple originally opposed users to use any solvent to clean iPhone, only clean water and soft cloth, but now Apple has officially confirmed that users can use 70% isopropyl alcohol solution or 70% alcohol to disinfect iPhone, disinfection scope also includes All other Apple products.
In addition, Apple also named the wet wipes produced by CLOROX, which can also be used on iPhone, iPad or Mac. But Apple still reminds users that if you want to clean it, you can only use a soft cloth that can't afford lint. For example, towels, toilet paper, or some products with abrasive cleaning effects are not recommended. In addition, when cleaning, users should also pay attention not to plug in the electricity, or let water vapor penetrate into the openings, and do not spray alcohol directly on the product. .

In addition to Apple, Samsung and Google also announced ways to clean their mobile phones. Samsung pointed out that before disinfection, users must turn off the mobile phone and remove the connected cable, and then use a wiping cloth similar to a single-lens camera lens to clean and wipe. The recommended solvents include clean water, hydrogen peroxide (50-80ppm), alcohol, and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Just like Apple, Samsung does not recommend users to spray solvent directly on the product to clean it.

It should be noted that the cleaning method mentioned by Samsung is only applicable to products made of glass, metal or ceramics, such as Galaxy phones, tablets or smart watches. Some products made of plastic, such as computer keyboards, are not recommended. Disinfect and clean in this way.

Google ’s Pixel phone disinfection method is similar to Samsung ’s and Apple ’s. It is also recommended that users use 70% isopropyl alcohol solution or 70% alcohol for disinfection. Wipe with a soft cloth that does not lint. However, Google also reminds users that if there is dust or other stains on the phone, they must be removed with a dry cloth before using the solvent. In addition, if you want to remove the stain on the back of the Pixel phone, you can use a little soap; Google also recommends that users can use the glasses cloth to clean the screen of the Pixel phone.


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