Intelligent Anti-theft Grab Smog System with 2MP HD 360 Panoramic Camera Built-in GSM & Smoke Can


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Product Overview

     Security industry has been developed for many years, technology is constantly updated, a variety of advanced intrusion detection technology, video surveillance is increasingly high-definition, more and more intelligent, but still can not reverse the dilemma of passive defense, so far there is no initiative to attack the products, a variety of detectors have been found to have been invaded, there is a violent incident, the camera also clearly captured the scene of all the details, but only helplessly watched the suspect wanton damage to property and personal safety, and then rode away, And the existing security system is no way to invest heavily in the construction of the high security system to become an expensive spectator; According to relevant statistics, more than 85% of the robbery cases, in the police or security personnel rushed to the scene before the completion of the suspect has fled, can only be transferred to the scene of the crime video as a detection clue, and the detection rate can not reach 100%, even if the criminal suspects arrested, but also from the legal point of view to give corresponding punishment, However, most of the personal and property losses inflicted on the victim have not been recovered and remedied.

      For security industry is the bottleneck of development and the vast number of users of the real demand for security,  We break the traditional concept of security, relying on the PLA anti-Chemical Research Institute of "military-grade cold smoke technology" and "intelligent electronic anti-theft Rob System" and research and development of the production of intelligent anti-theft smoke, has passed the Ministry of Public Security, People's Liberation Army Disease Prevention Center, the People's Liberation Army Institute of Anti-Chemical, EU CE, RoHS ISO9001 international quality system, such as a number of authoritative departments of testing and certification, at the same time, the relevant departments have been highly praised and recognized.

      Intelligent anti-theft gun is a smoke can be at any time to terminate the scene of the crime of intelligent products, the use of 200W panoramic HD camera, the scope of the deployment of 360 degrees without dead-end shooting, and combined with the human body sensors, mobile detection and other multiple alarm facilities, the product is also equipped with the most advanced electronic intelligent anti-theft system, and then with the food-grade solid smoke agent, high efficiency non-toxic harm, with smoke fast, smoke coverage of the characteristics of a wide range, and combined with the PLA anti-chemical force of the world's only military-grade cold smoke technology , will not cause fire, low voltage start-up, there are a variety of start-up methods, and the existing security system can be seamless docking features, it by collecting alarms around the smoke detectors, door magnetic and other alarm input equipment status information, to determine whether there are illegal intruders, once the intruder triggered the alarm probe, the scene of the image and video files will be pushed to the mobile phone terminal or computer client, and will eject the trigger Smoke transmitter button, the user can through the scene video image, To determine whether it is illegal intruder, and the owner can voice warning illegal intruder, if the warning is invalid, can be manually triggered by the system in the form of a password smoke spray device, 3 seconds or so of the scene environment visibility is zero, so that illegal intruders are forced to leave immediately to achieve the end of the robbery. Jt43-01b Smart anti-theft gun smoke, you escort around the "security guard", so that "the world Without Thieves"! To effectively prevent crime, to fill the traditional security in the stage of the application of the blank, will "intervene in the matter" concept into the security market, and really achieve the purpose of intervention in the matter, to achieve the purpose of


MAIN functions:

  •  Global Initiative, Smog system, the realization of the accident in the active defense, can not be seen to rob;
  • Intervention in the matter, a few seconds to reduce the crime scene visibility to zero, to prevent crimes;
  • Smoke technology, the production of smoke has the following characteristics: food grade, harmless to the human body and equipment, solid dry smoke without corrosion, no residue can be natural degradation; cold smoke, no fire hazard, slight adhesion, to provide after the subsequent scent tracing clues;
  • Aluminum alloy smoke cans, sealed moisture, the effectiveness of the protection of smoke is foolproof;
  • Products through the PLA Disease prevention and control of toxicological testing, and through the Ministry of Public Security and police safety and product quality Testing center testing;
  • Has the good development and the compatibility, may according to the indoor space size nimble arrangement, may with the existing security system integration, the linkage, expands many kinds of triggering way for the security high risk place to provide the foolproof protection;
  • The appearance is light and exquisite, the ceiling installs, has the good environment to be integrated;
  • Million HD camera, 360 panoramic capture, with "core" and move;
  • 24-hour real-time video, anytime, anywhere remote real-time view, support SD card storage;
  • Two-way voice, real-time intercom, speech quality clear, real-time warning of illegal entry of personnel;
  • 4 Voice phone, SMS cloth disarm, GPRS network communication;
  • Unique voice prompts, timed armed/disarmed, up and down line report;
  • 32 Wireless alarm sector, GPRS TCP/IP dual-network communication;
  • The use of human body induction, mobile detection, door magnetic alarm system, such as 24-hour wireless armed on duty;
  • Alarm information real-time push to the user mobile phone, mobile phone app trigger smoke, abnormal situation intelligent processing;
  • Full WiFi, wireless sweep code installation, easy to operate.


Technical parameters:

Parameter category

parameter Name

parameter data

Smoke system

smoke Agent Quantity

3 solid non-toxic grade smoke agent, 1 times fuming

Smoke-forming agent

solid, food grade

Protecting scope

Enclosed or semi-closed 100 cubic metres of space

Smoke way

cold smoking, 5-5-8s fill protected Area


30-45 minutes

Photoelectric parametric

Imaing lens

fish eye panoramic lens

Effective Range

0~360 degree

Photosensitive components

1/4.” CMOS sensor

Valid pixel

2 million pixel 1920*1080P

Day and night conversion

ICR automatic switching, correcting daytime color problems

Electronic shutter

AES ON:1/50~1/100,000秒

Backlight compensation


Infrared Lamp

3 fish eye display lamp

Image parameter


PAL format

Video compression format


Product Agreement

compatible ONVIF protocol, general Agreement standard

Compression output code rate


Maximum transmission frame rate


Special function

GSM communication

voice prompts, regular evacuation, the upper and lower line report

Four voice phones, SMS cloth disarm, GPRS network communication

Alarm Function

Motion Detection

Door Magnetic Induction

PIR Human body Induction

Storage Parameters

TF card


Networking Communication

Network Interface

1 RJ45 10M/100M

Communication protocol

GPRS TCP/IP dual network integration

Other parameters

working voltage

POE or DC12V±10% 5A


10W max

Working environment


Shell Material

PVC plastic shell

Inner liner material



2KG net



Application environment

closed or semi-closed space

Install way

Top mount


Application scope:

Hc Ats03a Intelligent anti-theft grab smoke device is suitable for 100 cubic meters of space below, can also be used for many units, this product is widely used in government agencies, prisons, banks, social security, public places, cultural venues, offices, halls/lobbies, shopping malls, warehouses, workshops, retail stores, private housing and other large areas of open indoor space for your personal and property security escort.



Dangerous industry must be installed under the guidance of professional people, use it with caution!

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