Anti-thief sennsors to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

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How to prevent and deal with burglary, recommend some smart home anti-theft products for everyone. How to prevent burglary?

What do you know about smart home anti-theft products?


Smart panel or smart curtain

When going out, fake the illusion of someone at home, such as turning on the lights at night and drawing the curtains during the day. If you install smart curtains or smart panels at home, you can control the opening and closing of curtains and lights even when you go out.


smart home


Smart cat's eye and smart door sensor

 Install a smart peephole on the anti-theft door to record the status of opening and closing the door. At the same time, a large area in front of the door can be included in the surveillance area. If there is an intruder, when he pry the door, he can also send out an alarm and alarm, and send the information synchronously. On the user's mobile phone, notify the user and the intruder to talk with each other by voice, and let the intruder back off.


When you see this, someone will ask, what should I do if I open the window instead of prying the door? Install a smart door sensor next to the window, once the suspect wants to enter, the smart door sensor can also immediately alarm and notify the residents.


smart Lock

A smart lock is installed, and a password or fingerprint is required to open the door. When an intruder violently cracks and violently opens the door, an alarm message will be pushed to the user to prevent theft in time.

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