What is a Sound & Light Alarm Motion Sensor and how does it work

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The sound and light alarm is a kind of sound and light alarm motion sensor  equipment installed on the scene. When a fire occurs on the scene and confirmed, the fire sound and light alarm installed on the scene can be activated by the fire alarm controller controlled by the fire control to send out a strong sound and light alarm signal. , In order to achieve the purpose of reminding the on-site personnel to pay attention.


Sound and light alarm motion sensors are generally combined with infrared detectors and door sensors to form a sound and light anti-theft alarm system. When infrared detectors or door sensors detect an intrusion, they will immediately send an alarm signal to the sound and light alarm, and the sound and light alarm will immediately alarm.


The sound and light alarm motion sensor is a kind of alarm signal device used in dangerous places to send out warning signals to people through sound and various lights. It will not ignite flammable and explosive gas. It can send out both sound and light alarms at the same time. Signal. Widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical, oil depots and other petrochemical industries where toxic gases exist

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