How Smart Home Technology and Security Can Help Guard Family

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1. Anti-intrusion system


 Strictly protect the main passages 24 hours a day, the door magnetic alarm monitors the closed state of doors and windows 24 hours a day, and immediately sends an alarm signal to the owner's mobile phone when the doors and windows are opened.


 The camera monitors the whole process. The owner can remotely check the home situation in real time on the mobile phone APP, and can link the sound and light alarm or the property system to deal with the problem in time.


  2. fire alarm system


  Smoke alarm monitors the state of smoke 24 hours a day. After a fire is detected, it will send alarms, faults and other information to the property, householder, etc. at the same time through three-dimensional alarms such as detectors, platforms, and mobile apps.


  3. combustible gas alarm system


 The combustible gas alarm detects the tiny combustible gas molecules in the air in time, and accurately sends out sound and light alarm signals. Once a gas leak is detected, the alarm signal will not only be transmitted to the customer's mobile app, but also the gas valve will be automatically cut off.


  4.flooding alarm system


 Water leak detector can be used for water immersion detection. When the stagnant water passes through the two poles of the sensor probe, the flashing light will give an alarm, and send a wireless alarm signal to the gateway and transmit it to the user's mobile phone. If you are on a business trip, you can find out and notify the property management in time.


  Intelligent security system can not only bring users a high-quality living environment, but also provide a full range of solutions for users' safety needs and protect users' home safety.

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