Why is it important to have a doorbell in Your House?

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Smart doorbells not only have the functions of traditional peepholes and doorbells, but smart peepholes can connect to the network, open up the boundaries between mobile phones, peepholes, and users, and remotely monitor the situation at the door of the house. Users can control the situation at the door anytime, anywhere. The following is an introduction to the specific functions of Smart Cat Eye:


   1. Connect to wifi/remote monitoring


  The smart doorbell can be connected to wifi. Whether you are in the office or overseas, you can remotely monitor the situation at the door of your home through the simple setting of the mobile phone APP.


   2. Automatic alarm/automatic snapshot


The smart doorbell has built-in human body sensing and motion detection. When someone stays at your door for longer than your preset time, the smart cat’s eye will automatically alarm, and it can also automatically capture photos or videos and push them to your phone to remind you of someone at your door. Visits can also effectively avoid theft and other situations.


  3. Visiting SMS/Video Message


   If your friend visits the door and you are not at home, your friend can leave a video message for you, and you can check the message content on your mobile phone for the first time!


  4. Mobile phone call/video call


  The smart doorbell is equipped with a camera and can be inserted into a SM card. You can use the smart cat eye to make mobile phone calls with the elderly and children at home. Even if the SM card is not installed, you can also make video calls through the wifi network!


   5. Call for help


  The smart doorbell has the SOS one-key call for help function. The elderly and children at home can call for help with one key when encountering emergencies to avoid accidents and misfortunes.


  6. Infrared night vision


The camera of smart doorbell configuration has infrared night vision function, no matter whether it is day or night, you can easily check the situation outside the door.

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