Home smart security system application program

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The home intelligent security system is an important part of the intelligent residential community. The real-time monitoring and layered defense of the community and the key areas of the home through the community and home security system allows the residents of the community to live in the invisible anti-theft network, advanced humanization Precautions also provide a three-dimensional and all-round security guarantee for the smart residential community.


Home smart security system

Home smart security system application program


1. Requirements


When the owner is out, use the mobile phone to switch to the "away" state, send instructions to turn on and arm all the security equipment in the home; when the owner is at home, the smart gateway automatically turns off the infrared sensor detector, door sensor, window sensor alarm and anti-theft probe, At the same time, turn on the smoke, fire, gas and other probes; you can also set up various types of detectors to arm your needs. Once someone triggers these probes, the system can send an alarm signal to the owner or the community property while automatically alarming.


With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life and the continuous improvement of the economic level, home users' needs for a sense of security are gradually increasing. In many large and medium-sized cities, people's awareness of home security continues to increase while choosing high-end apartments and villas.


The smart home system that emerged at the historic moment can not only realize the control of smart home appliances, smart lighting, smart curtains, etc., but also facilitate life and improve quality. It can also realize all-weather three-dimensional security monitoring, build a three-dimensional security system for residents, and protect the family. Safety of life and property.


2. The working principle and structure of the smart home security system


A complete set of smart home security alarm system can ensure the safety of every user's life and property. The smart home security system provides basic home security systems for smart home residents, including front-end detectors, smart home controllers, network signal transmission systems, and control center control systems.


The front-end IoT sensors for smart homes can be divided into wireless door sensors, wireless window magnets, wireless gas detectors, wireless smoke detectors, wireless infrared probes, wireless emergency buttons, etc. If someone illegally invades, the corresponding detector will be triggered. The home alarm panel will immediately transmit the alarm signal to the community management center or the phone designated by the user, so that the security personnel can deal with the alarm quickly. At the same time, the alarm host of the community management center will record these Information is available for inspection.


In addition, the smart home security system has strong adaptability and compatibility. It has different functions such as household indoor smart alarm, perimeter automatic alarm, video monitoring, proximity card access control and internal communication. Various functions use the intelligent system network transmission part and The front-end home smart controller of the system can complete their own control on the basis of setting up their own controller and management software.


3. Specific performance characteristics


From the perspective of security, the smart home security system can realize the level of home security alarm points, and use logical judgment to avoid system false alarms; the remote control or keyboard can be used to arm and disarm the system. Once an alarm occurs, the system automatically Confirm the alarm information, status and location, and can automatically force the line to be busy when the alarm occurs. The following categories introduce the features of smart home security systems in the home as long as the equipment and application functions:


Major equipment:


1. Wireless gateway


2. Smart host (wifi single-channel or 4-channel host)


3. Smartphone or computer


4. Wireless infrared detectors, door sensors, smoke detectors, gas, smart switches, sockets, etc.


The main function:


1. Alarm and linkage function. By installing door magnets and window magnets to prevent illegal intrusion, the owner and community guards can obtain signals from the community management center through the alarm controller installed in the residence room to quickly receive and deal with the alarm. At the same time, the alarm linkage control can automatically turn on the indoor lighting and activate the alarm when an alarm occurs in the room.


2. Emergency help function, the indoor alarm controller has an emergency call function, and the community management center can respond to and rescue residents' emergency help signals.


3. Alarm management and display function. When a resident leaves home, the defense enters the mode of leaving home, that is, the anti-theft alarm state. In order to effectively prevent illegal intrusion, the management system of the community property center can receive alarm signals in real time, automatically display the alarm household number and alarm type, and automatically archive system information.


4. Set/disarm linkage control: When the owner activates the security system before going out, the system can cut off the power of certain household appliances, for example: turn off all lights, cut off electric irons, electric kettles, televisions and other household appliances Socket power supply, etc.; when the owner returns home, it can be adjusted to normal, enter the home disarm mode, some lights will automatically turn on, door and window magnets will be offline, while indoor smoke detectors and combustible gas detectors in the kitchen are still in alarm mode.


5. Preset alarm function. The intelligent security system can preset alarm calls, such as 110, 120, 119, etc. for different alarms, and realize networking with the community. In addition, alarms can be sent to the residents' mobile phones or designated phones by preset.

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